About Us

Founded in 2012, HelperChoice is the first social impact startup dedicated to eradicate placement fees and human trafficking for the purpose of forced labour. Its impact has been recognised by many organisations, including the International Labour Organisation.

For years, migrant domestic workers have been vulnerable to exploitation due to the unethical practices of employment agencies such as: charging illegal and exorbitant placement fees. Furthermore, most workers are not in a position to choose their employer.

By empowering foreign domestic workers through an online platform that allows them to find jobs for free, HelperChoice facilitated more than 50,000 recruitments and estimates that more than 60 million euros of illegal placement fees were saved.

In 2019, HelperChoice was acquired by Yoopies, the leading home care platform in Europe, and a group that shares HelperChoice' values: eradicating modern slavery and revolutionising the employment agency industry through technology.

Our work

HelperChoice provides an online platform, we aim to improve foreign domestic workers' living and working conditions, enable millions of migrant domestic workers to have access to the job market for free and foster the disappearance of unethical recruitment agencies.

As an employer, You can browse thousands of domestic helper profiles who meet your specific needs and adapt to your personal habits and values.

As a domestic helper, You can answer to hundreds of employer job ads to find the family that will best match your experience and your wishes, for free.

We are happy that you came here. Come and join HelperChoice community for a more responsible and fair recruitment!

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