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Updated on: 11/06/2020 Full time (Foreign Domestic Helper)

Maid is fluent in cooking, hygiene and caring for children

I want a smart maid, a job, fluent in Arab and European cooking, knows to drive a car, a housekeeper, and good at raising and caring for children with love and discipline, and mastering the massage, my small family of 3 young children at the age of 4 years and the other at the age of 2 years and his child at the age of 1 year Me and my wife.

Updated on: 13/08/2020 Full time (Foreign Domestic Helper)

Be a part of a Caring family

We are a family of 3 including a 7 year old. We need a helper to accompany my son to his after school activities as well as take him to the bus stop and pick him up for school. Need someone who is clean and trustworthy and share similar values of hard work, integrity, kind and caring. Sir and Ma'am work so need someone to help w cooking, cleaning, shopping...

Updated on: 13/08/2020 Full time (Foreign Domestic Helper)

Seeking Helper for Busy Family of 4

We are a busy family of four looking for a helper to join our family to support with looking after our children, cooking, cleaning and laundry needs. Both parents work full time (both from home and out of the home) and we are seeking someone experienced with young children, confident with their cooking and organised/efficient with cleaning and laundry...