Jacqueline D

Hong Kong - Mid-Levels Central

Nanny and household management

Hello! We are a family of four, two adults and two 9-year-old children, who are moving to Hong Kong this summer for work. Both parents will have full-time jobs, so we are looking for a trustworthy and dependable helper who genuinely loves children to take care of our kids (a boy and a girl) when they come home from school and on days off from school, including making sure they do their homework (and helping them with it if possible), playing with them, and taking them to various activities. We will also rely on our helper to keep our house running in terms of groceries, laundry, and general housekeeping, and to help with cooking during the week. (My husband is usually the cook in the family, but he will be working full-time, so we are looking for someone with good cooking experience/skills in Western cuisine at least, with bonus points for experience with baking and/or other cuisines as well). We also have two friendly cats. English skills are most crucial, but Mandarin and/or Cantonese skills would be an added plus, of course. We’ve lived overseas for several years and have experience welcoming helpers into our home and our hearts; every one of our helpers has become a member of our family (we keep in touch with our kids’ former nannies via Skype and Messenger, and even try to visit them when we can), and that is certainly the type of relationship we hope to establish with our helper in Hong Kong. The start date of 30/7/19 is notional; we will not arrive in HK until the very end of June, and will not have our visas - which we need to sponsor a helper - until about July 5. I am hoping the paperwork will go smoothly and our helper will be able to start as quickly as possible. Regarding location: I am not yet sure where we will be living, but it will likely be in Central or Mid Levels East. Regarding your accommodation: you would have a private room; and as you know, maid’s quarters tend to be very small in Hong Kong, but we will certainly do our best to make it as comfortable and welcoming as possible. This is something we feel very strongly about.

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Work situation
Housing Live in
Arrangement Private room
Capacity Full time

Looking for
Contract status Any situation
Position Domestic helper
Located in Hong Kong - Mid-Levels Central
Start date Jul 2019

Expected duties:

Child (3-12)





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