Training - Housekeeper Wine Serving Class - Level Must-Know

Training Center - Plenite Housekeeper Wine Serving Class - Level Must-Know by Plenite


Have you the feeling that you always need take care by yourself when it relates to wine?

You need to open the bottle yourself whenever it is not closed with screw cap;
You need to look for the bottle yourself as your helper doesn’t understand the grape or appella-tion you mentioned;
Sometimes you forget to put new bought wine in wine cellar, the bottle is ruined because you find it on the kitchen floor, being best friend with variable heat, light and odor for while;

No matter you are occasional or regular wine drinker, or you need host formal or informal dinner or party, we are here to help to train your helper to become a better, knowledgable, elegant housekeeper. It is not only a class, but a cultural and etiquette training, your helper will under-stand not only your wine glass, but your family culture and value to serve your family and your guests better.

This basic class is tailor designed for housekeeper working in Hong Kong, after studying and researching on their nationality, working experience and wine experiences.

2 sessions of 3-hours fundamental classes will train the basic wine knowledges and the most important wine serving skills. The price shown is for 1 session.

A knowledge checking will be done at end of each part to ensure proper takeaways of class.


  • What is wine? Different types of wine
  • How to open a wine bottle
  • How to serve wines with different glasses
  • Table setting
  • How to store wines
  • How to clean wine glasses
  • Basic knowledge about wine label reading, authentic pronunciation of most common grape varieties and appellation


Wine expert and coach Jin ROGER, with Asian-French culture and Investment banking back-ground, is passionate about wine and living art. She is holding WSET (Wine & Sprit Education Trust) Diploma (Level 4), hosting wine events and coaching wine lovers to achieve their own objectives.
With her husband, a senior French designer, artist painter, they founded Plénité - Joie de Vivre (the pleasure of living), to share their passion and knowledge in wine and living art to the two most important elements of the family: Hostess and Housekeeper, to help you to embrace even more life.


A knowledge checking will be done at end of each session to ensure proper takeaways. Each participant would receive a certificate upon completion of the course.



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