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Sultan A., Employer looking for a domestic helper in Al Khobar

1 child, youngest child's age: < 3 yo

Updated on: 28/09/2019

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We are not a big family, me, my wife and my child his age 1 year and two months. We are educated family, modest, and respectful.

our needs:
- married and have children
- well look, and personal cleanliness
- babysitter
- able to cook, and clean dishes after that.
- clothes washing , clean and organize the house.
- patient.
- We will provide a mobile for her but without camera to let her contact with their family because so many problem happened in my country because of camera. we want a privacy life, please respect that.

We are commitment to respect you and give you a salary in the time without delaying, and let you contact with your family.

  • Start date
    As soon as possible
  • Housing:
    Live in
  • Arrangement:
    Private room
  • Day off on:
  • Flat size:
    400 square feets / square meters
  • Employer Nationality
    Saudi Arabian

Expected duties

No details provided


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