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Eng-Zoos A., Employer looking for a domestic helper in Hail

Updated on: 28/09/2019

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Work in a small-homemade sweets factory/kitchen

My family consisting of 6 people, we are 4 daughters and 1 brother along with our mother. I'm still not married because I'm managing my own business from the family home.

Actually, I'm owning a small factory/kitchen at home where I produce some kinds of sweets and biscuits. The kitchen is small and located upstairs in my house. Currently, there is one Ugandan maid is handling the whole work of my little sweet factory. After I trined her on specific recipes of making the sweets and biscuits, she proved her self and she is working perfectly and in a very outstanding manner. However, I'm thinking to have another maid to raise the sales and produce more!

Also as I'm doing my business at my family house, there is also another Indonesian maid handling the family needs in downstair such as cooking, cleaning, ironing, etc. Nevertheless, the Ugandan maid helps her by taking the role of doing all the duties of upstir such as cleaning, and washing and ironing clothes. My house is small, and my family members are very organized therefor the house daily tasks are very limited and there are not intensive cooking or cleaning duties per day.

I'm Looking for a Filipino female maid that can work in my little sweet factory with the Ugandan maid. I want the maid to be a hard-working, kind, respective, friendly, tidy, honest, flexible and cooperative during working as well as receiving my comments and instructions in a welcomed and respected way.

I'm a very kind boss! and I promise that you will enjoy staying and working with me. Please If you feel yourself suitable for this job, contact me as soon as possible so that we can conduct an online meeting and discuss more.

  • Start date
    As soon as possible
  • Monthly salary
    1500 SAR
  • Housing:
    Live in
  • Day off on:
  • Flat size:
    500 square feets / square meters
  • Desired contract situation:
    Finished / about to finish
  • Employer Nationality

Expected duties

Arabic food


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