Michelle L., Employer looking for a domestic helper in Hong Kong

Updated on: 03/06/2019,


A couple with 2 cats, brand new apartment

Accommodation: House size is 800 Sqft with 3 bedroom and 2 washroom without worker?s room. You will stay in one private room(upper bed), but we will also store something in that room. We will try not to disturbe you at night. Besides, if our parents or friends come to HK to visit us, you may need to move to another room where there is a temporary bed. This situation will not happen frequently.
Currently we do not have kid. While we may plan to have kid in the future. Perhaps after we have kid you will need to stay with kid in one room.

Location: Tsuen Wan, a new residence.
We have not moved there. We plan to move there between July and September 2019.

Job discription:
In the near future, you need to clean the room, take care of the cats and prepare breakfast and dinner every day.
If the hostess gets pregnant, or if we have baby in the future, you will have extra responsibilities.
Other skills could be bonus.

The cats: we have two friendly British short hair cats. They are cowards and not aggresssive at all. You need to clean their toilet, boil meat once per day, change drinking water, clean up the hair on the floor and furniture daily.

About the hostress and master: we are working couple that work 5 days a week. Your work load at current stage is relatively light. We expect you to be proactive and act on our best interest; not just do what is told. We will do the same to you and treat you as friend.

Cooking: We need you to focus on training your cooking skills and learn Chinese and Western dishes. The hostress can cook very well and can teach you. She doesn?t have time to cook.

Christians preferred

  • Start date
  • Monthly salary
    4520 HKD
  • Housing:
    Live in
  • Arrangement:
    Private room
  • Day off on:
  • Flat size:
    800 square feet

Expected duties

Chinese food
Western food


Approximate location.