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Jaimie D., Employer looking for a domestic helper in Hong Kong

Updated on: 30/05/2016

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Help me with everything!

young-ish couple in 30's: I am a spanish/south african lady married to an english gentleman, both teachers, I am self employed. we are expecting our first human baby in December, but already have two small dog babies. I am a combination of being really relaxed but also I like things to be done right and done well. I am a reasonable,direct and honest person so I communicate exactly what I am thinking and feeling and would expect the same from you so we avoid confusion. I am usually a happy and good humoured person but god only knows what motherhood is going to turn me into! looking for someone to compliment me on this journey and do all the normal housework stuff, help me with baby and help me with some paperwork and who knows what else you can do? if you can massage then you will become the most favourite person in my life i am sure, but thats probably just wishful thinking :) We currently live in Sheung Wan but are looking for a new apartment so that you can have your own room so I have no idea where we will live but it will be as close to central as we can afford.

  • Start date
    As soon as possible
  • Monthly salary
    4250 HKD
  • Housing:
  • Arrangement:
    Private room
  • Day off on:
  • Flat size:
    0 square feets / square meters
  • Employer Nationality
    South african

Expected duties

Newborn (0-1)
Toddler (1-3)
Western food
Do the grocery


Approximate location.