C L., Employer looking for a domestic helper in Hong Kong

Updated on: 03/06/2019,


Helper wanted

We are a family of 4, looking for a domestic helper who is obedient, honest and patient with children. The kids (8 & 11) are in primary school/Junior High so they are able to take care of themselves most of the time. Adults are working full-time so the helper is expected to be flexible and able to manage works/time wisely.

Daily routine:
- prepare kids for school (wake, help with changing - the younger one only, prepare lunch bags, etc)
- household chores - clothes washing, ironing, floor sweeping, tidy up living room & bedrooms, etc
- pick up the younger kid from school and to/from interest classes (near home just walking distance)
- cooking - helping and assisting in preparation and cleaning after meal would be good enough. We usually go to fresh market after work and cook. Occasionally cook for the kids if sir/ma?am are not home for dinner/during school holidays
- car washing- much appreciated but not a must
- no pets
- Own room/closet, Sunday off

  • Start date
  • Monthly salary
    4800 HKD
  • Housing:
    Live in
  • Arrangement:
    Private room
  • Day off on:
  • Flat size:
    1400 square feet
  • Contract status:
    Finished / about to finish

Expected duties

Child (3-12)
Car Washing


Approximate location.