Leslie L., Employer looking for a domestic helper in Singapore

Updated on: 28/12/2018


Serious, Child-Loving Helper


We are a simple Singapore Chinese family of 3, including a young daughter of 6 years old. We stay in a private apartment. Your work will include taking care of our child and simple household chores and cooking. As employers, we take care of our helper's welling-being, ensuring sufficient food and rest. Our helper can also talk to us anytime as we listen well. To apply, you need to fulfill the below requirements.

1. Finished at least one contract or minimum 2 years of experience working for family with child.

2. Be serious and committed in fulfilling a 2 year contract. If your performance is good, we provide financial and non-financial incentives when you pass 1 year of service with us.

3. Take good care of our child. DO NOT APPLY if you don't like children or to take care and accompany them. Our child is well-behaved young girl who does not give trouble.

4. Able to accept that use of phone is not allowed during working hours. You are allowed to use it to keep touch with family after work or rest time.

5. Have a good and reasonable attitude towards work. After all, why waste time going through the trouble to come with no reward?

DO NOT APPLY for this job if you are not serious about working. Quitting requires a notice period of 2 months else all benefits are lost. On the other hand, you can expect to be rewarded for good performance and attitude.

Mr Lee

  • Start date
  • Monthly salary
    650 SGD
  • Housing:
    Live in
  • Arrangement:
    Share with a kid
  • Day off on:
  • Flat size:
    1000 square feet
  • Contract status:
    Finished / about to finish

Expected duties

Child (3-12)
Chinese food
Car Washing


Approximate location.