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As an employer you can only contact helper applicants if you are a premium member.

You can upgrade your account at any time convenient for you by clicking on our “upgrade now” button.

Upgrading to a premium membership will allow you to:

  • Send direct messages through our internal messaging system
  • Request phone numbers to contact helpers directly
  • Post a detailed job ad so that helpers who like your profile can also contact you. If you prefer to initiate the contact, you can also decide to not show the profile.

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Everyone can sign up for free, but employers will have to pay for a premium membership in order to contact helpers. We do this because we work fulltime on ensuring the quality of the website, the listings and so on.

We hope you will find the right match easily and have created detailed profile overviews for you to search, compare and shortlist. You can have a look at our website first to see if you like it and you can do a basic search to see if the right candidates are available for you.

Only if you like what you see, you can decide to upgrade. An upgrade to premium membership is valid for 30 days and it is a non-recurrent process. Upgrading to premium membership depends on your location as our operation costs differ. In Hong Kong a membership will cost HK$290, in Singapore it will cost SG$59, and all other locations we charge US$59.

We do not charge domestic helpers. We believe they should not have to pay in order to find a job, especially not exorbitant illegal placement or “training” fees. Having an employee who is in financial distress is simply not an ideal start for all parties involved and can create problems in the future.

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At HelperChoice we want to ensure a simple and reliable payment process for all employers. Here’s how it works:

1. We use PayPal to ensure safe online payments.

2. You can also pay by making a bank transfer to our Hong Kong bank.

Using PayPal is easy. Just click on “upgrade now” and you will be redirected to PayPal. You do not need to create a profile in order to use their services in most countries where we operate. Just fill out your credit card details and click on the pay button. PayPal will communicate with our servers so your premium membership should be active immediately.

In case you prefer to make a bank transfer, this is possible as well. If you decide to use this option, please email us for more information.

Paying outside the options we have provided is not secure and therefore not available.

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HelperChoice is an online platform where you can connect directly with great domestic helpers. If you have found the right fit, you may still need to outsource the paperwork. The process for this depends on your location and the visa status of your future helper.

We focus on offering you the best online matching tools and do not want to lose our focus. There are also enough agencies on the market who are much better in handling the paperwork than we are. If you have already found the right fit for your family, it will be significantly cheaper to use accredited fair employment agencies for both you and the helper. In certain countries we can also recommend ethical agencies who are fair to both employer and helper.

At HelperChoice we are committed to offering the best services to all our clients. Domestic helpers are not charged for subscribing to the website or for creating their profiles. This way we ensure so that employers have access to a large range of great helpers.

We are also committed to disrupting the employment agency industry because some of them may not work in the best interest of the client. We believe that no two employers or helpers are the same, and that you know the needs of your family best. At the same time the helper should also feel comfortable about her future employer. Our platform gives both the employer and the helper the possibility to make informed decisions, simply because our setting creates a safe space for employer and helper.

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