Helpers Testimonials

HelperChoice team thank you so much! I got a good foreign employer even I’m a break contract! God bless you guys! continue to help others I know god will repay everything with you! Good luck and more powers in 2016.

Domestic Helper Mat, Jan 2016

Helpers Choice is an Amazing company and most specially their staff. This is the only company that they have a goal of having a close inter-relationhips to a helpers. Giving helpers assurance of the employers-helpers to find the desired job. We felt comfort, joy, love and care from their staffs. As they really entertain, very inter active in each queries of helpers. I felt overwhelmed gratitudes to this page coz i felt safe and assured!

Domestic Helper Monica, Dec 2015

Last July my previous employer decided to relocate to Canada. Though I got lots of offers from my previous employer's friends I still look for another option and found HelperChoice. I registered and found one employer that caught my attention, emailed her right away and after 3minutes I received her reply, asked few questions and for my previous employer's number, I gave it to her. On the same day she call me asked some question and right away she decided to hire me. I am so happy that I found their lovely family. Thank you helperChoice for the giving us the chance to find this lovely family.

Domestic Helper Minerva, Nov 2015

My dream to work for a Western Family came true when I found one from HelperChoice and now I have a very wonderful employment with many privileges and even opportunities to travel to many countries with my employers. Thank you HelperChoice for the brilliant idea of launching this platform. With your dedication and purpose, satisfied helpers and employers will keep counting. God bless you!"

Domestic Helper Julie, Aug 2015

Hello HelperChoice! I would like to thank you very much! I found a very nice employer thru your Fb! May God bless you as He blesses me with this job! More power!

Domestic Helper Cel, Aug 2015

Working abroad as a Domestic Helper is like a gamble. Somebody win somebody lose. A game that you may enjoy or on other hand may be difficult and hard. But despite of that you need to stand and be your Self. I was in Singapore last three yrs ago I suffer a lot of hard time and difficulties in that place. But I learned a lot of lessons too. I found this web site HelperChoice I sign up for my profile and it really works for me. There was a lot of employers trying to contact and talk to me. And the good thing in this site is you have a chance to know who is your prospective employer, you will have a chance to communicate and to know them better before you will confirm them. In short you have the right to choose an employer yourself. Now I am here in Riyadh KSA for more than a month and I really want to say my big THANK YOU for all the people behind this site. For someone like me found a happy job and a very nice employer through the help of this site.

Domestic Helper Cristina, Aug 2015
Helpers Testimonials