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Give your helper the confidence to meet and receive family and friends in your home.

From a full blown festive occasion to simple home entertaining, you'll also have the confidence that your helper's got your back!

The course is comprised of 2 sessions of 5 hours each, held over two days.
The price displayed is meant for one course, ie. 1 set of 2 sessions.


  • Using the latest from the Debrett's Etiquette Book our course covers:
  • How to Meet and Greet Guests
  • Table Service
  • Thematic Table Setting
  • Napkin Folding
  • Tea Service
  • Table Centrepiece Ideas
  • Preparing the Guest Bedroom
  • Preparing the Guest Cloakroom


Marilyn Santiago is the founder and a continuing trainer. She is a self taught homemaker and chef. She has designed the entire Superhelper training curriculum based on how she would like to see her home managed. Her passion is centered on food development as it related to health and well being but she is also passionate about keeping a well managed and happy home. She believes that respect for work comes from a good understanding of how to do the job well. She is originally from the Philippines, married with two daughters.

Cynthia Real has been with the Superhelper team for 7 years. She is both a trained chef and a registered midwife. She has herself experienced life as a domestic helper when she first settled in Hong Kong. She is married with 2 children and one grandchild. She conducts the sessions in both Tagalog and English.


Superhelper will issue a certificate of training upon successful completion of the course.


36A Island Road, Repulse Bay, HK

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