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In this class Emma will be teaching homemade formula, teething biscuits, fruit and veg purees with gluten free grains and how to use nutrient and probiotic rich bone broth and sauerkraut in food. There will be theory as we go on the nutritional aspects of the food and essential nutrients babies need to thrive. Also, if your helper is looking after older children there will be a few tips on how to sneak in some foods you'd never get them to eat (spirulina in tomato ketchup?!). Healthy food does not need to take a long time to prepare and is definitely NOT boring! It is not just a class about following a recipe, but getting your helper to think more creatively about food for every meal she will cook for you.

During the class they will learn how to make how to prepare nutritious meals for your baby or children, which are healthy, quick, easy and delicious.

Classes are run from Emma's home kitchen and are hands on, giving the helper the chance to retain more information than they would do just reading from a recipe. Emma is passionate about nutrition and using the best quality ingredients. All of the foods in the class are the same ones Emma uses at home on a daily basis such as coconut oil, olive oil, coconut sugar, maple syrup, coconut aminos and the best quality fruit and veg.


Classes are run by Emma Kwan, a certified health coach and personal trainer. Emma has worked as a chef for a diet delivery company and has owned her own juice cleansing and raw food snacks company in the UK. She believes that food is a powerful form of medicine and that the best diet is one which is gluten free, high in plant/whole foods with small amounts of good quality meat and fish.


Upon completion of the course the helper will receive a certificate detailing the different dishes they created that day, showing future employers the exact type of food they are able to cook.


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