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Thomson Reuters Foundation

Click and Save: Websites Help Asian Maids Escape Debt Bondage

Thomson Reuters Foundation, Jun 2018

From Asia to the Middle East, thousands of migrant domestic workers are trapped in debt and cannot escape, as they have to work to repay their recruiters. HelperChoice is an online recruitment platform which helps the domestic workers find the “perfect match in an ethical way”. Read more

International Labour Organization

Pilot Testing a Behavioural Intervention to Engage Employers of Domestic Workers in the Fight for Fair Recruitment

International Labour Organization (ILO), Jun 2018

The ILO partnered with HelperChoice, an online platform in Hong Kong through which employers can find domestic workers for hire, to carry out a behavioural intervention to encourage employers of domestic workers to help promote fair recruitment. Read more

Hong Kong Trade Development Council

Entrepreneurs Develop Innovative Ways to Promote the Ethos

Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC), Sep 2017

HelperChoice cuts down the middleman and introduces a P2P platform in the domestic worker-hiring industry that aims to match helpers with employers. They want to see the relationship between domestic workers and employers improved by empowering both sides in the matching process. Read more


IMPACT² World Award: HelperChoice Wins HK Edition

Ecozine, Nov 2016

Lifestyle magazine Ecozine writes about HelperChoice winning the Hon World Award for social impact startups. HelperChoice moves on to the March 2017. Read more

South China Morning Post

Hong Kong Banker’s ‘LinkedIn for Helpers’ Platform Going Global

South China Morning Post, Jun 2016

The selection of a helper through a local agency was unfair and painful. Fauchon set up HelperChoice.com to facilitate better matches. Read more

Bloomberg TV

Meet Helperchoice.com, the LinkedIn for Domestic Helpers

Bloomberg TV, Jun 2016

HelperChoice.com founder Laurence Fauchon explains how the site helps connect domestic helpers with employers. She speaks with Bloomberg's Shery Ahn on "Trending Business." Read more

The Straits Times

Portal Lets Maid Take Control of Earnings Sent Home to the Philippines

The Straits Times, Jan 2016

HelperChoice is trying to improve the financial situation of foreign domestic helpers in Singapore. It aims to help domestic workers to get jobs without having to pay agency fees and to provide employers with more freedom in their search for a suitable helper. Read more


Domestic Helpers in Sheung Wan Get Highest Pay in HK: Survey

Ejinsight, Sep 2017

After analyzing data from about 3,000 recent job ads, HelperChoice found out that domestic helpers tend to earn more on Hong Kong Island and Lantau Island. And high salary comes with high requirements for years of experience and specialised skills. Read more

The News Lens HK

Indonesian Helper Writes a Story About Separation

The News Lens HK, Jul 2017

The Asian online media shares a fiction about the change in the relationship between a helper and her daughter after the helper started working abroad. The fiction is written by Arumy, an Indonesian helper who worked for 10 years in Hong Kong, and featured in "Wishing Well" - a HelperChoice free eBook. Read more


Job Ads for Foreign Maids in Asia, Middle East Highlight Poor Pay – Study

Reuters, Oct 2016

HelperChoice’s domestic worker salary survey found that of the Asian and Middle Eastern countries where migrant household help is prevalent, helpers are paid the most in Hong Kong. Read more

Healthy Living Asia

Changing Lives – Leaving Your Domestic Helper Behind with a Headstart

Healthy Living Asia, Aug 2016

HelperChoice tells Healthy Living Asia’s readers about the difficulties of leaving a domestic helper behind when relocating, and also offers tips on how to deal with the process in a way that gives helpers the best chance of finding good new jobs. Read more

Apple Daily Supplement

Second Series of Hiking Trips Organised in Hong Kong for Domestic Workers

Apple Daily Supplement, Jul 2016

Apple Daily joined a hike in Wang Chuk Stream to understand what foreign domestic workers gain from this experience on their weekly day off, and how this makes them more efficient in their work. Read more


Putting Social Good at the Core of Your Business Plan

Jumpstart, May 2016

HelperChoice's CEO explains to Jumpstart readers why having social values and being a startup are far from being incompatible, and instead make a sustainable business model.

Tech in Asia

HelperChoice Runner-Up at Competition Supported by the United Nations Foundation

Tech in Asia, Apr 2016

Tech in Asia reports on how HelperChoice joined the final of the Pitch with Purpose competition in Houston, Texas. The competition was supported by the United Nations Foundation, and HelperChoice founder's pitch got the startup to the runner-up position. Read more

Coconuts Hong Kong

Read Hong Kong Domestic Workers’ Beautiful Winning Entries from Coconuts & Helperchoice’s Contest

Coconuts Hong Kong, Apr 2016

Coconuts publishes the three winning entries from the ‘Be a Journalist’ writing competition, which was organised together with HelperChoice. The poems and stories offer a heart-wrenching insight into the lives of foreign domestic workers. Read more

Tramway Photo Contest

Maid to Measure: Domestic Helpers in Hong Kong Are Full of Hidden Talents

South China Morning Post, Feb 2016

HelperChoice speaks to the SCMP about their ding ding photo competition for domestic helpers that was sponsored by the Hong Kong Tramways. Read more

Coconuts Hong Kong

Online Service That Acts as Free Agency for Domestic Helpers Reaches Massive Milestone

Coconuts Hong Kong, Oct 2015

An online network that pairs foreign domestic workers with Hong Kong employers at no charge to the helper is celebrating the milestone of its 5,000th placement. Read more