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Recognized by the ILO for promoting fair recruitment practices

"The online recruitment agency HelperChoice launched an innovative awareness programme to influence domestic employer behaviours in favour of fair recruitment services in Hong Kong."

Integrated Programme on Fair Recruitment, ILO

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HelperChoice makes your life easier by connecting you with domestic helpers who meet all your requirements from her skills to her current contract status. Even better, HelperChoice is a social impact startup eradicating illegal placement fees for foreign domestic helpers and giving them a choice of employment. HelperChoice enables both employers and helpers to find the best match!

  • Find the best domestic helpers across AS

    Find the best domestic helpers across Asia

    Looking for a new domestic helper to take care of your loved ones? Then look no further! Here at HelperChoice, you can browse thousands of domestic helper profiles, whether you are looking for someone to look after your children, an elderly or your pets.
    Tailor the search on HelperChoice according to your own criteria. With new domestic helpers ads posted at any moment on HelperChoice, you'll be sure to find the perfect profile to suit your needs!

  • <a href="/domestic-helper">Domestic Helper Search</a>: trustworthy and affordable

    Domestic Helper Search: trustworthy and affordable

    We know hiring a domestic helper can be a painful experience: lack of candidate choices, hidden fees, and unclear hiring process. That’s why HelperChoice was founded. Our goal is to provide a transparent recruitment platform where employers and domestic helpers get what they are expecting.
    We aim to create a strong and reliable social network because we understand that you can’t have your loved ones looked after by just anyone. Thanks to Facebook integration, you can see which of your friends have already reviewed our candidates. With online reviews, profile verifications and a link to Facebook, HelperChoice has given a 21st-century makeover to the traditional domestic helper recruitment.

  • Our social mission

    Our social mission

    HelperChoice is so much more than just a domestic helper agency: we never charge our applicants any placement fees and we fight to eradicate illegal fees towards foreign domestic helpers.
    For decades traditional employment agency fees have been creating a cycle of debt bondage that follows many domestic helpers throughout their employment. Our website eliminates intermediaries in the recruitment process, making sure the process is transparent, and without any hidden fee, for both the domestic helpers and the employers.

Domestic helpers: find the perfect employer-helper match!

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